March 13, 2015

Community Garden

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Organic Kitchen Gardening Program

Lake Trail Community School Garden

As we move into our 8th year in the garden, we are starting to feel our accomplishment in creating a garden that provides a space for learning for students and community;  demonstrations of sound organic practices that home gardeners can do to grow their own food; and production of significant amounts of food for school and community uses.

Reaching this point has taken much ingenuity and hard  work. Volunteers are needed to help in every way and we appreciate their contributions and fellowship.  If you are an experienced gardener who would like to share your knowledge to spread the messages of sustainable edible education, or a beginner who wants to learn while working with others, please contact coordinator Elaine Codling  at

We would be especially pleased to have a dedicated composter team to support the essential soil-building tasks and extend community education opportunities.

News From the Garden – Check out our Gardening Workshop Series starting January 2018!!

Gardening Workshop Information and Registration  



Stay tuned for more in the garden!

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